About Us

Working together to improve lives is the business of caring…… 

Company’s name is inspired from German literature work on “Bountiful Health” is established by a group of highly spirited ardent and experienced professionals with a proven track record in the Pharmaceuticals & the Healthcare Industry with Bountiful Health mission of working together with Patients, Doctors, Chemists, Stockiest, Manufacturers and of course with our Employees each day so that everyone can enjoy the best possible moments in their lives as they grow. Bion Therapeutics collaborates with the healthcare community committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives through Bountiful Health

Our open corporate culture and close collaboration with development and manufacturing partners are integral parts of our effort to deliver unique therapeutic products & combinations with differentiated forms & packaging at affordable prices. Through our many collaborating partners, we have access to a vast range of technology platforms, enabling us to develop and enhance our product portfolio.

We offer a product portfolio consisting of a broad range of high-quality medicines in few niche therapeutic areas. Our strategy of developing products based on well-known substances with an improved value to patients results in a product portfolio with a significant market potential in Diabetic Complications, Mitochondrial Abnormalities, Wound Care & Pain Management etc. We achieve this with a relatively short development time, low risk, and limited investment.

By focusing on innovation and simplicity in both thought and action, and by taking responsibility on all markets and cost efficiency in all stages, we are creating a strong and vibrant brand that offers quality pharmaceuticals at prices affordable to all.