Vision & Values

Our Vision

To shape Bion into one of the leading companies providing world-class products with a focus on Improving Lives, Extending Lives & Saving Lives of patients suffering in the markets we serve

Bion with an innate passion for performance and growth are committed to fulfilling our company’s vision by making quality medicines accessible to more and more people based on cost-consciousness, our willingness to assume responsibility, and on innovative simplicity.

Core Values

Bion laid its foundation on core values that acted as strong pillars in the growth of the company. These values continue to direct company’s growth & business;

The 5 T’s of Bion

  • Trust: Based on integrity and honesty
  • Transparency: Be clear, honest and transparent
  • Time Management: Set priorities. Execute, implant and monitor action in a time bound manner
  • Team Management: Promote team bonding consciously and believe in cooperation
  • Total Management: Based on priority, rational and logical to support growth

The 5 D’s of Bion

  • Dream: Dream Big as we believe Bion – a place of possibilities
  • Direction: Strongly guided by our Vision & Mission with Core Values
  • Development: Human is the limitless possibility and we nurture them to constantly challenging
  • Discussion: Communicate openly and honestly to strengthen collaboration and nurture ideas
  • Decision: Supported by facts & figures to best protect the organisational interest