What We Do

Bion provides quality pharmaceuticals products at affordable prices. Its comprehensive portfolio consists of wide range of products within Diabetic Complications, Mitochondrial Abnormalities, Wound Care & Pain Management therapeutic areas.…… 

Since its inception, Bion has developed a platform and know-how to participate in and to be an integral part of all major steps of the value chain in the offering of branded pharmaceuticals. With the vision of offering quality branded pharmaceuticals at prices affordable to all, we have to be innovative and at the same time cost-efficient in all stages.

This includes operational excellence in departments such as product development, quality assurance, pharmacovigilance, IP and supply chain as well as marketing and sales.

Efficient Marketing Organisation

Bion establishment model is based on organic growth, where we enter the market with a clear focus on a specific niche market segment with wide business potential. Brand nurturing and brand building are at the core of Bion’s marketing philosophy. Bion enters the new therapeutic market by introducing a limited product portfolio customized in our therapeutic focus segment and focus all our energies in presenting and promoting product benefit messages to the clinicians. The goal is to ensure that doctors get the information they need to prescribe our product with confidence. The aim is then to gradually advance and capture a significant market share and increase the product range. By offering affordable premium pharmaceuticals on a consistent basis, Bion is able to build strong brands with an everlasting relationship with its customers. Most of our branded products have evolved out of our in-depth medical information sharing and exchange with the doctors and by creating a Rx (prescriptions) pull.

Bion primary target customers are doctors practicing privately and/or associated with the Governmental & Private Hospitals, Pharmacies, Pharmacy chains and the Wholesalers.

Thanks to our experience, flexibility and efficient organisation, the company is able to introduce new products in the market quickly and to react effectively to market changes. Speed to market is a major competitive advantage, since the period of time in which the product can be sold is exploited to the full, at the same time we engage vigorously with the medical fraternity on knowledge dissemination on latest medical updates, CMEs and workshops.

Product Selection

Bion has a well-established selection process for identifying products that meet the internally established criteria for each product category. Bion seeks out new products within more niche-oriented areas and in segments which consist of complex formulations, deferential packaging to maintain highest quality of the drug or where the products are of strategic interest for the doctors and the Patients.

Investing in the right products is essential for sustainable long-term sales growth. Bion therefore attaches great importance to the process of selecting new products. Prior to each new product investment, Bion conducts thorough medical, commercial and technical analyses which take into consideration the acceptance of the product by the doctors, earnings potential of the product, the development and the opportunity costs in each relevant therapeutic segment and geographic market covered.

As a result, the product portfolio comprises a broad range of high-quality niche pharmaceuticals within major therapeutic areas.

First-Class Supply Chain

Bion Therapeutics collaborates with several strategic manufacturing partners based in India for the manufacturing of its products and we are constantly working to ensure that our products are manufactured with the highest quality and at competitive prices. Optimising lead times, supply planning, manufacturing, logistics, quality assurance and distribution are fundamental aspects of the company’s competitiveness on each product and the geographic market.