Why Work With Us

Because to us unlike others, YOU are much much more than a Tie wearing, Suit wearing Representative or a Manager ready to call on a Doctor with the detailing pad…

For us, work is not only about calling Doctors and meeting Chemists & Stockist. It is about connecting people, about delighting our customers and of course in the process developing yourself & others

Rather when you join Bion, you join more than just a company;

  • You join an energized team with a singular focus on serving the needs of patients through Doctors engagement
  • You join a supportive, collaborative group of people who challenge each other to think differently and to push boundaries
  • You join an environment where equality, diversity, and inclusion are integral to who we are and our corporate values
  • You join a truly committed and practicing organisation to quality-time approach to ‘The Work-Life Balance’ as we want to see you at your best, enabling you to excel each day

We as Bionians are committed to creating an environment where you can bring your whole self to work every day. No matter your background or experience, we want Bion to be a place where you feel supported, challenged and empowered.

We believe the distinct viewpoints of each team member help develop innovative ideas that help to deliver differentiated strategies to fulfilling our company’s purpose of Improving Lives, Extending Lives and Saving Lives by making quality medicines accessible to more and more and more people…

Current Opportunities To Associate With Us

Are you someone who is motivated to help others and improve yourself, and comes to work with positive energy every day? Then you may want to apply to one of our career openings. (mail your resume to

Job Posting TitleLocationDepartmentDate
Territory Manager (Medical Representative)Sales - Pharma DivisionSales&Marketing3 years ago