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While India might be a third world country based on socio-economic development parameters, in terms of our lifestyle and health, we have the same morbidity profile of a first world nation. Aging of the population, urbanisation, dietary changes and more sedentary lifestyles is driving up the disease burden in India and Bion is in a mission of Improving Lives, Extending Lives & Saving Lives by making quality medicines accessible to more and more and more people…

Diabetes Complications

Diabetes complications management has always been the focus area for Bion. We commit to the cause through integration, innovation and enhancement of our product offerings as we strongly believe treatment decisions in Diabetes…

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Mitochondrial Abnormalities

Mitochondrial abnormalities is the root cause of many diseases that are bewildering in their variety and complexity. Mitochondrial disease is an inherited chronic illness that can be present at birth or develop later in life….

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Wound Care Management

Successful wound management is predicated on the ability to relieve suffering, improve the patient’s quality of life, and potentially elevate functional status and independence and Bion is the 1st company to foray into this domain with a comprehensive product basket

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Pain Management

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience and has multiple causes, and people respond to it in multiple and individual ways. Even though the experience of pain varies from one person to the next, it is possible to categorize…

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General Medicine

Every human being experiences a sudden decline in their medical and functional status due to a traumatic event, a worsening of a progressive disease, or the onset of a new condition that have active but short-term treatment for a severe injury…

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